Recent Events

Conference Date Postponed

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this year's G20 has been postponed. Stay tuned for fall 2016.

Seven schools attended Leaside's fourth G20 conference in November of 2015.

The Application process for 2016 will be open shortly. Stay tuned for details as we gear up for this year's conference! Thank you for your continued interest in the Leaside G20!

Conference Date Set

The 2016 LHSG20 has been set for Wednesday, March 9, 2016.

What is the LHSG20?

    The LHSG20 is a conference for high school students in Toronto and the GTA. The first LHSG20 was hosted by Leaside High School on November 23rd, 2010. The LHSG20 is a youth forum where students can come together to discuss the state of international politics, finance, and global issues. The students participate as countries which represent key industrial and emerging market economies. In addition, issues which go beyond any one country, and which might have an impact on the economic stability of the global community, are discussed.

    In this model G20, schools can register delegates in larger numbers than is normal for G20. At the LHSG20, schools can register up to 15 students to participate in discussion in one of six committees including one conducted in French. In the LHSG20 students will represent one of the nineteen member states and the European Union.


    The goal of this forum is to bring together youth, who may have participated in local Model United Nations Assembly Conferences, in discussions focused on current economic and geo-political / social issues which impact global economic and financial stability. Youth have a powerful voice and, as the next generation of leaders, need opportunities to review, study, discuss, and offer critical thought about the future. LHSG20 provides students with the opportunity to meet with their peers and to dialogue and critically think about the future of their world.

Who Are We?

    The LHSG20 forum is organized by Leaside students who have been actively involved in Model United Nations Conferences. Leaside High School has a long tradition of participation in Model Assemblies. The intent of this forum is to facilitate student debate on contemporary global concerns using a modified United Nations Model assembly format.